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Since 1936, Carolina Bearing & Belting has worked with customers to provide application-tailored belting solutions to exceed expectations. We welcome the hard to solve belting problems!

Our engineers have solutions for belts needing to be punched, perforated, cut, endlessed, reinforced, chemically compatible, sewn, cross rigid, siped, tracked, or modified based on unique application constraints. Our in-house capabilities and inventory allow us to be extremely responsive, and we can often deliver a solution within a DAY.

Need someone to come to you? We have a wide network of field professionals inside Weimer Bearing & Transmission ready, willing, and trained to troubleshoot the root cause of conveyor belt issues. Our many installation crews can provide a timely installation with the professionalism and knowledge to do the job right the first time.

Are you designing a new piece of equipment? Let us work alongside your engineers to determine the best-suited belt for the application. We can provide sample base belts and fabricated pieces for your testing and verification that the solution fits the application’s needs.

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