Custom Repair

Carolina Bearing & Belting offers a number of custom repair services, including way cover, ball screw, gearbox, slide, spindle and electrical components. Custom product repairs can save you money and costly downtime. Contact CBB today for all your custom repair needs.



damaged way cover repairway cover repairedWay Cover Repair

Complete repair or replacement

Reverse engineered OEM covers

Full dent removal, box and wiper replacement, and cycle testing

Special 24-hour delivery services available

damaged ball screwrepaired ball screwBall Screw Repair

Complete inspection and repair of ball, acme and lead screw assemblies

Repair includes clean, inspect, regrind, reball and straighten

Reverse engineering capabilities

Emergency rush services

damaged gearboxrepaired gearbox


Gearbox Repair

All major gearbox brands

Repair or complete rebuild

All repairs inspected, tested, and warrantied

Priority gearbox repair service

Slide, Spindle, & Electrical Repair

belting slide repair


belting spindle repair


electrical repair for conveyor belt


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