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A recent article in NIBA’s Fall 2022 Belt Line publication, written by Mike Hesslau and Shawn Godfrey titled “Cost and Prevention of Carryback”, highlights the unique costs associated with “carryback” and the steps to solving this maintenance issue.

Whether you are conveying aggregate, food, rubber or any other material that has sticky properties, the cost to living with carryback can FAR outweigh the investment in solving the problem.

These issues come with a unique conundrum: “How much carryback is ok?” This is often subjective. Each department will have a different answer, but without collectively agreeing on a true cost to the bottom line, any investment will likely meet resistance before implementation. We can help define the steps to calculate the bottom line cost. Once carryback cost is accurately calculated, the next step is identifying the root cause of the problem(s).

We offer no cost evaluations to survey and identify carryback, spillage, and wind-blown product loss points. We will provide a scraper, brush, or dust mitigation system to address each issue and tailor the solution to meet your goals. As a full service provider of belting, power transmission, and fluid power solutions, we are confident we have the product to solve your problem and the expertise to do it right.

If you would like to read more from Mike and Shawn on the “Cost and Prevention of Carryback”, please click here to view NIBA’s Fall 2022 Belt Line publication in full.

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