Simalube 15ml: The Smallest Automatic Lubricator

In confined spaces, Simalube’s 15ml automatic lubricator offers the perfect solution. With its compact size, it functions identically to larger
Simalube lubricators and offers an array of advantages. These advantages include:

  • Space-saving thanks to its compact size
  • Robust aluminum enclosure
  • Same refill, installation and function as other Simalube lubricators
  • Alternative to the Simalube multipoint when less than 5 lubrication points are needed

The Simalube 15ml lubricator works great for the lubrication of small bearings in the tightest of spaces. It delivers small lubricant amounts
for a vast array of applications while operating with the same technology as the Simalube 30, 60, 125 and 250 ml lubricators.

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