Nexen Ring Drives: Overcoming Limitations

Nexen's ring drives help overcome the limitations of traditional rotary indexing tables, which have been a mainstay of automation systems for decades. They are simple, precise, reliable and durable. They also can output a large amount of product in a relatively small footprint with a minimal number of parts fixtures.

The latest technology for rotary positioning is the Ring Drive System (RPS) from Nexen. Ring Drives come complete with a precision-grade, high-capacity bearing and drive mechanism in a rigid housing. With options for high speed, high torque and zero backlash, Ring Drives can be optimized for any application. With accelerations up to twice as high as other rotary indexing technologies, Ring Drives provide more productivity while boasting low maintenance, high efficiency and long life.

The RPS is a patented linear drive concept that combines the best attributes of traditional rotary indexing tables while eliminating most of their shortcomings. The RPS converts rotary motion into linear motion. The system advances the traditional rack-and-pinion concept by replacing the spur gear teeth with bearing-supported rollers that engage a unique tooth profile in the rack. Instead of the sliding friction of traditional rack-and-pinion systems, the rollers provide smooth rolling friction that converts rotary motion to linear motion with 99 percent efficiency. The tooth profile eliminates backlash, noise, vibration and tooth fatigue. The RPS also provides very high positional accuracy, virtually no cumulative error, low-velocity ripple, very high speeds, high rigidity, low maintenance, corrosion resistance and long life.


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