Vulcanized Belt Solutions

Carolina Belting offers 24/7 on-site installation and vulcanizing services to meet your specific belting needs. Our full range belt fabrication shop is able to convert a wide range of materials to the specialized, conveyor belt that is best for your job.

Emergency Belt Install Spotlight: Vulcanized Belt Solutions

The Details: Carolina Belting had a customer that was using a laced belt, but the product being conveyed was occasionally being marred by the lacing during the transfer onto the belt. We were able to provide a vulcanized belt solution. Our crew went on-site and installed belts on the conveyors with our belt press to make them endless. The customer’s marring issue disappeared, resulting in zero loss of product and downtime!

Carolina Belting Emergency Fabrication: We stock a wide variety of belts in our Greenville, South Carolina facility, and we are able to provide excellent lead times and service, including on-site vulcanizing services. In addition to belting, we stock a wide array of conveyor system components, such as drives, pulley, idlers, rollers, etc. Our crew is ready to take on any challenge and work with customers to provide components and perform installations that coincide with their timeline, day or night.

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