Installation Services

Our experts have 80 years of experience planning and installing conveyor and material handling systems. At Carolina Belting we take care of everything, from mechanical design to complete systems integration.

In addition to conveyor installation, we can install or dismantle all types of industrial racks, dock equipment and material handling systems, including palletizers, depalletizers, sorters, and pallet and cantilever racks. Carolina Belting is known for managing complex projects with ingenuity. Our team of experienced, best-in-class professionals handle the most complicated projects with skill and precision.

We also offer 24/7 emergency service and preventative maintenance programs.

World-class Brands

We work with world-class conveyor brands that deliver longevity of life and controllable wear to maximize your performance, all while minimizing your operating cost.

Committed to Success

After the system is installed, we remain committed to maximizing your performance. We have everything you need to keep your system running, from belts, hoses, fittings, and adhesives to regular maintenance and emergency repairs. To schedule a conveyor installation or to find out more about how Carolina Belting can be your full-service material handling experts, call 864-268-5946.