Pulleys and Idlers

When it comes to conveyor pulley systems and idlers, Carolina Belting has exactly what you are looking for. We offer a complete range of cable pulleys, carriage rollers, drum pulleys, wing pulleys and dead shaft pulleys. Idlers include flat belt idlers, round belt idlers, single flange belt idlers, v belt idlers and mounting adapters.

Load, lubrication, speed and temperature play a major role in conveyance, and whether or not your bearings will last. We work with our customers in selecting the right idlers, drive pulleys and sprockets to maintain the highest level of performance and consistent strength.

A selection of the brands we work with include:

Complete Conveyor Pulley Systems

Let us find the conveyor pulleys and rollers that meet your specifications. To quote your nest project or for more information, call 864-268-5946.