Power Transmission/Gearboxes

As full-service motion control specialists, Carolina Belting supplies reliable, efficient and easy to maintain power transmission solutions. We offer gearboxes and gears for conveying, lifting and processing applications. This includes helical worm gear units, in-line helical speed reducers, bevel/helical units, shaft mounted speed reducers, shaft mounted helical gear units and variable speed gearboxes.

We provide every part of the drive system, including bearings, couplings, sprockets, industrial chains and v-belts. In choosing the right worm, helical and spur gears, forward-thinking companies rely on us to find the best fit for their specifications. Our goal is to maximize the life of your critical applications.

Below is a brief list of some of the products and brands we provide:

Selecting an Industrial Gear Motors

For our complete range of electric motors, gearboxes and speed reducers, call Carolina Belting at 864-268-5946.