Conveyor Belts – Specialty

As a full-service supplier of industrial belting, Carolina Belting provides a large selection of high performance specialty belts for industrial automation applications. This includes fiberglass mesh belting, plastic modular belting (PVC, PU, PE, silicone) and wire mesh belting. All our belts can be fabricated with special backings, coverings, flanges, cleats, v-guides and flanges.

We understand that different businesses have different requirements, which is why we provide one of the largest selection of specialty conveyor belts, as well as heavyweight conveyor belts. We make to order to meet your specifications in size, fabric, compounds, colors and top cover profiles. At Carolina Belting, we proudly serve a diverse segment of manufacturers, warehouse/distribution operations and recyclers located throughout North America.

Below is a sample of the brands we work with at Carolina Belting:

Fiberglass Mesh Belting:

Plastic modular belting:

Wire Mesh Belting:

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